Phenibut - Uses, Effects and Its Legal Status

03/09/2015 19:37

Phenibut is a type of nootropic drug. Phenibut can be purchased as a supplement in the market as well as online. It is most commonly used to help with the symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. It helps the user to reduce stress and depression, which helps to promote relaxation in the body. One of the best qualities of Phenibut is that it helps the users to enhance their memory power and keeps them alert and focused.

Effects of Phenibut experienced by the users -

The best way to explain the combination used in Phenibut is mild stimulation and mild sedation. Which means Phenibut helps the body to relax and also helps the brain to remain focused.

It is almost impossible to abuse Phenibut. Its effects are not highly euphoric in nature. In case a user takes more than the prescribed dosage no major difference is experienced.

The effects of the drug may vary from user to user. Taking Phenibut in empty stomach with water or juice is proved to be the most effective and fastest way possible. The effects are experienced in short-duration of 20 minutes with this combination (for some users). Some of the users have also reported to experience the effects only after few hours.

Most users have started experiencing the positive effects within 1-2 hours, which lasts up to 4-5 hours later. In some rare cases, the effects last until the next day. Some of the most common effects experienced by the users are mentioned below:-

  • The users are “extremely calm”, which means they are relaxed.
  • Helps with the symptoms of anxiety.
  • Makes the users socially connected to people.
  • Increased and improved “sense of well being”
  • Improved mental power
  • Enhanced motivation

Legal status -

Like every other drug available in the market Phenibut also has some possible side effects. Phenibut is ideal for a short term use and not advised to use for a long term purpose. Its effects are for limited period. Slowly with time, the body gets used to the drug and does not show any major effects.

Phenibut has a major side effect of the withdrawal symptoms. The possible side effects are not subtle and are reported to be very unpleasant.

The reason why Phenibut is not legalised in many countries is the lack of long term positive effects, unpleasant and strong side effects and most importantly withdrawal symptoms caused to the users.